Types of law


There are several fields of law as discussed below where the law students can decide to practice. Most people would opt for the specialization that they are best in so that they can please their clients. Also, when individuals want a lawyer, they should hire one that has specialized in their area of interest to get the most out of them. Below are some common types of law.

Categories of law

Corporate law or Business law

drawingThis law is the type of law that involves the formation, the dissolution and every other legal aspect of the administration of corporations. The job description for corporate lawyers is taking care of mergers, acquisitions, reorganization of the corporation’s internal structure, settling disputes of liability, patents, and compliance with state and federal law between the corporation’s and individuals as well as international accords.

Civil law

The second type of legislation is civil rights law whose work is to create balance in the competing interests of governmental institutions and individuals with A common goal. Lawyers under civil rights law deal with cases that involve unfair treatment of individuals and their discrimination that interferes with rights and freedoms for example housing, education, expression, and employment.

Criminal law

Criminal law is a third type of legislation that has its focus on behaviors that are sanctioned under the criminal code and defined as illegal. District attorneys and the prosecutors punish behavior that is considered illegal, while criminal defense lawyers represent the individuals who are accused of criminal offenses. Both the defense and prosecution have to deal with issues that concern individual liberty, fundamental rights, and freedoms, as well as responsibilities.

Environmental law

The environmental law covers many statutes, treaties, regulations, and conventions based on state, federal or transitional law. Lawyers represent advocacy organizations, government agencies or individuals in cases involving natural resource management, stopping pollution, or problems about land use.

Military law

Military law booksMilitary law is concerned with codes and procedures that dictate legal matters in the armed forces. Martial law is based on the Uniform Code of Military Justice since the year 1951. Lawyers who practice military law are members of the armed forces who serve in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

Family law

Last but not least, family law is concerned with legal relations between individuals who have a family relation. The issues the lawyers deal with include children welfare and prevention of child abuse, the adoption process or divorce in the case of domestic partnerships.