Mona Relief in the Media

Mona Relief in the Media

EXCLUSIVE – The Mona Relief organization brings hope to Yemen ahead of Eid Al Adha

EXCLUSIVE – Yemen blockade’s runner – how a group of Yemeni is defying Al Saud blackout on Yemen
Mona co-founder Dr. RS Karim on
Al Etejah TV on 22/09/2015

The orphans of Yemen – Those are the tragedies which we cannot afford to forget! EXCLUSIVE

#SaveALifeInYemen – The Mona Relief Organization goes to war against hunger in Yemen
More difficulties ahead for Yemen as winter nears – Mona Relief Organization launches new campaign

American Herald Tribune
Yemen’s blockade runners: How Yemenis are fighting imperialism

Mona Relief forms strategic alliance with Qabila Wala Malik FM Radio Station to begin Yemen Helping Yemen Campaign.