Our Work

Collaborative Efforts
Mona welcomes collaborations from funding charities, philanthropists, individual donors and organizations to partner with us in making a difference.
In recent years, humanitarian crisis around the world has tendency to continue longer and become more complex, and natural disasters are increasing both in number and scale. Therefore, it is vital for Mona to respond effectively to such situations.

Mona has a a very simplified approach to emergencies:

We always monitor developing situations in real time.

Our Disaster Respons volunteer consistently send assessments to us in order to gauge the level of response required.

Disaster response efforts vary depending on the nature of a disaster but typically consists of Immediate local sourcing and distribution.

Long after the media’s spotlight has lifted from a disaster area, we still continue our work for months.
Emergency Humanitarian Relief
Critical Aid Distribution
We excel at local logistics and distribution and manage maximum distribution in minimum time. We do this for ourselves and our partners.
Local Critical Aid Sourcing
We believe that the best way to respond is to souce emergency food and