How to Find a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

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It is easy to find an attorney. However, it is difficult to find an attorney for you and your case. Finding an excellent criminal defense lawyer isn’t as simple as just opening up a phone book or doing a quick Google search online. Choosing the right criminal defense lawyers lessens your worries and ensures that you get to have a fair trial. If you or your loved one is involved in a situation, it is essential to hire an expert who can handle different phases of a criminal trial. However, the main question is how to identify a good criminal defense lawyer.

When it comes to hiring the best criminal defense attorney, there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration. Here is the list of qualities and characteristics to look for before obtaining legal counsel.


A criminal defense attorney will be known for his reputation in the community, like Ronald Dinan & Associates, for example. A reputable lawyer is one who has handled challenging or high-profile cases and has a higher ratio of wins as compared to other lawyers. A good lawyer’s reputation for success will most certainly precede them.


lady of justiceWhen it comes to finding an expert, experience matters, especially when your life is at stake. Serious crimes can be handled with ease by an expert criminal defense lawyer. Handling a criminal case in the trial room can very tricky and challenging task. Apart from the detailed knowledge of the legal terms and processes, the lawyer must have dozens of cases under their belt. This gives them experience and expertise to understand the tricks and pitfalls of trying various types of cases.

Research Skill

The attorney that you hire should have good investigation skills. This skill is crucial as it is often the minute, unnoticed details that can make or break a case. He should be able to spend hours researching information for his clients. Also, he should know where to look for the right kind of information, so that their research is accurate and backed by the authority of the source. A proper investigation and research help in building a solid defense.

Analytical Skill

a magnifierApart from putting in hard work, your lawyer should possess analytical skills to analyze the information collected. He should have a sharp mind so as to make quick decisions and arguments in the courtroom.

How to identify a good criminal defense lawyer is easy if you look for the attributes mentioned above in your shortlisted attorneys.