Yemen Organization for Humanitarian Relief and Development

If you don't have charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble


No child should ever go a day without a meal. You can make a difference.
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Hunger. Famine. Starvation. Malnutrition. reminds us, there is no easy way to describe the grim fact that nearly 870 million people on our planet are chronically undernourished. And sadly, so many of those affected are children, whose minds and bodies are denied the sustenance needed to grow into healthy, productive adults.  Mona's current project in Yemen is making a difference by distributing food by it's own initiatives and collaborations. 
In our world today, nearly 16,000 children die every day because of starvation, which is essentially one child every five seconds. So count to five and somewhere a child is now dead, by the time you reach 60 a dozen children will have died from hunger. These children are dying because some of their most basic needs are not being met.  Either the family is too poor or they are suffering as a result of war.
  +Meals served and counting - 5 Million 
  1. Mission Statement
    Mission Statement
    To prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies with the power of collaborative efforts and the generosity of donors
  2. Our Vision
    Our Vision
    To be the most effective humanitarian organization in Yemen, with the aim to prevent and alleviate human suffering, and promoting human dignity
  3. Our Values
    Our Values
    Our fundamental principles promote: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Transparency
Every Penny Counts
You can save a life today!
    Yemen is the poorest country in the Arab world. Half of the population lives on less than $2 a day without access to clean water and proper sanitation. Since the war broke out in March 2015, overall families' incomes dropped to $1 per day. 41% of Yemen's population is food-insecure. Each day, a total of 10.6 million men, women and children in Yemen struggle to find their next meal—that's more than the entire population of New York City. With every passing day this number increases and more lives are put at risk. Famine has become a painful yet remediable reality.
    Child malnutrition rates in Yemen are among the highest in the world. Roughly half of all Yemeni children under the age of 5 are stunted, which means their mental and physical potential will never be realized. Over one million children have been classified by UNICEF as chronically malnourished in 2013. Using Yemen's humanitarian crisis as a recruiting weapon for radicals, terrorist groups have started to recruit fighters by offering families food and security.
    Rural households are hungrier than urban households. More than two-thirds of Yemen's population lives in remote areas that lack access to markets or social safety nets. Water scarcity and a dilapidated health system has put further strain on the population. One in 5 girls in Yemen are married by the age of 15. School attendance and graduation for women are far lower than rates for male counterparts.